About Thompson Cigar Auctions

The History

Thompson Cigar was founded in Key West, Florida, in 1915 and is the oldest mail order cigar company in the country. In fact, Thompson still holds Postal Permit #1 for Tampa. Thompson Cigar has always been devoted to delivering a wide selection of products covering all price ranges and tastes. The various Thompson private label cigars reflect our keen desire to provide to you the finest cigars at a fraction of what a comparable national brand would cost.

The Quality

To ensure that the product we ship to you is as fresh the day we received it, the Thompson Cigar Company operates the largest inventory storage humidor in the United States - over 300,000 cubic feet of storage space. No need to wonder whether or not the cigar you're buying has been lying around some hot and dry warehouse.

Trademark Notification Information

Thompson and Company, Inc., dba Thompson Cigar Company ("Thompson") has distributed and sold cigars throughout the United States for eighty-five years in connection with its trademark THOMPSON and other marks incorporating the Thompson trademark ("the THOMPSON marks"), and is the owner of all right, title and interest therein.

Thompson owns many U.S. registrations for its THOMPSON marks, including Reg. No. 1,069,489 for THOMPSON for cigars issued July 12, 1977. The THOMPSON marks, including the THOMPSON trademark, are extremely important to Thompson's business. Thompson has expended a great deal of money throughout the years to promote its cigars in connection with its THOMPSON marks, and Thompson has become extremely well known among the public as the source for cigars and related goods promoted, distributed and sold in connection with the THOMPSON marks.

The unauthorized use by you of the THOMPSON trademarks or any confusingly similar mark, on or elsewhere is likely to cause confusion and deception and constitutes infringement and dilution of Thompson's trademarks and unfair competition with Thompson under the Lanham Trademark Act. Developing case law is clear on this subject. Any use of the THOMPSON trademarks, on its own behalf, or for others, is unauthorized and violates Thompson's rights under the Lanham Act.

We have in place an active program to identify those companies and individuals infringing on the THOMPSON trademarks. Such infringers will be notified in writing and be required to cease and desist all infringing activities. Failure to do so will result in legal action.

Our name, our history, and our quality are very important to us and to our customers. We will not tolerate unauthorized use of our trademarks in any circumstance.